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Why Do Jewelers Carry Concepts Earrings for Sensitive Ears?


Point by Point with Details:


1. Fills important customer needs

Women have sensitive ears and need a place to shop for earrings. People like to buy earrings they know are top quality and safe from reputable Jewelry Stores!


2. Triplekeystone margins on best selling assortment

Displays are filled with best selling, classic styles!


3. Keystone+ margins on super promotions (reg. msrp 4-5)

Would you believe that you could sell hundreds of the same item over and over and over again? You can! For example: Concepts Diamond earrings, our #1 promotion, comes preticketed at $37.00 (or the retail you prefer.) Concepts sends you your choice of 11x17 posters: Diamond Earrings $15.99, Diamond Earrings $19.99, FREE Diamond Earrings with (Your Offer), etc.; signs, coupons, and ads. Many Jewelers promote this diamond free with $99 purchase, free to first 100 customers, but most especially $19.99! We have single stores that buy hundreds at a time - you can buy as few as 36 mixed with the Ruby, sapphire & emeralds, or by themselves, for the quantity price. Over 1000 pair at a time gets you a little lower price. Click here for more information on the diamonds, or go to products after you are finished with this page. Concept Marketing, Inc. has been supplying traffic generating promotions to retail fine jewelry stores since 1973!


4. Expands customer base

Concepts Ad targets the market of ladies with Sensitive Ears and invites them into your store to try a pair of your earrings that will solve their solve their earring problems. Concepts coupons do the same thing, and more! If you have a market area population of 10,000 you will have 2500 women that are slightly sensitive, and over 1000 women that are extremely sensitive to earrings. The good news is that most of these women only have problems with their earrings due to the intimate contact with pierced earrings. They can wear and buy rings, bracelets, necklaces and everything else you sell!


5. Increase store traffic

The Concepts ad will generate 50-200 respondents. The Concepts coupons will generate as many respondents as you desire - just keep distributing. Concept will provide you with unlimited supplies of coupons!


6. Increase repeat traffic

Once a women with Sensitive ears discovers Concepts earrings for Sensitive ears, she will return to your store an average of 7 times over the first 3 years to purchase more earrings.  To help encourage repeat visits, Concepts provides you with coupons or club cards to give your customers another reason to return to your store!


7. Increase overall store sales of fine jewelry & diamonds

First off, all Jewelers know, the more times a person visits your store, the more opportunities you will have to establish YOUR store as this person's only jewelry store! As an added bonus, Jewelers that run the Concepts free gift Ad or use the coupons WILL notice an influx of men over the holiday shopping season, men looking for Concepts earrings as stocking stuffers, giving stores the opportunity to show and sell all their beautiful fine jewelry making both the men and their loved ones very happy! Concept Marketing, Inc., is your partner in success.


8. Product quality guaranteed 100%

Strong, stable, guaranteed. Have a problem with a Concepts Product? Call us - or return for replacement, repair, or exchange.* Besides making Concepts Earrings truly non-irritating to Sensitive Ears, we use up to 10 times more gold on gold-tone styles than most other plated and vermeil lines. This fine jewelry finish of Concepts Earrings lasts for decades, where as the finish on other products can change within months, especially with women who have high acidic skin, which is often the case with sensitive women.** If your customer is not 100% completely satisfied with your Concepts earring we will repair, replace or refund your purchase price plus all shipping costs incurred. Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee Since 1973!


9. Stock Balancing with low processing charges

Most stores don't need to take advantage of stock balancing, however it is available for you if you need it!! When you call us about stock balancing we will first talk with you about making a special sale package to help you make profit on the items. Most stores run a sale for 30 days and then make their return. You can trade in your excess stock for brand new stock - Concept will gladly issue credit or exchange for items not moving in your store at Cost less Packaging Cost (PC) Click here for the Exchange Policy.


10. Gifts to give to customers and charities

The Display Programs come with 100 gifts - free - and you can buy more gifts anytime for just $1.95 per gift! The gift earrings normally retail for $17.50 in your line, so they are a very nice gift to give and receive! Concepts average cost is triplekey on $21.00 retail, making all Concepts earrings easy to use as door prizes, gifts with purchases, etc.


11. Free Marketing tools

Coupons, posters, point of sale counter signs, gifts to give to customers, press release, letters to area doctors and dermatologist Concept Marketing, Inc. - marketing that works!


12. Company that cares about their Customers

Efficient, pleasant, effective customer service. We want you to be 100% satisfied and successful with Concepts! Your satisfaction is our guarantee since 1973.



for Jewelers!

for Jewelers!

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