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About The Company


Mailing Address:

Concept Marketing, Inc.

1000 Arendell St.

Morehead City, NC 28557

Phone: 1-800-926-3277

Fax: 1-800-247-7290





The Past...

Larry D. Moore started Concept Marketing, Inc. in 1973 when he developed with the help of Doctors, Dermatologist, and his employees, one of the first ear piercing instruments to use the earring for the actual piercing (instead of a needle!). The Ear Piercing earrings were developed as safe and allergy free. Once Jewelers started selling the Ear Piercing, there were requests for more styles. Women reported they could wear their piercing studs just fine, but when they changed to fashion earrings, or even 14kt gold, they had allergic reactions. So Larry developed the Concepts earring line using the same safe, allergy free design of the ear piercing earrings. First there were just a few styles - then over the years those few styles became hundreds of styles!  Concepts earrings are made safe, pure and nickel allergy free. Made in the USA - Concepts Earrings for Sensitive Ears, Concepts Sterling Silver Promotions, Concepts Price Point Promotions & Concepts Ear Piercing Earrings.


The Present...

Strong destination products at good margins for Retail Jewelers. Efficient customer service, a quick, easy to reach and talk with staff, we are here to get your orders processed and to your stores - period!  Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Marketing materials help you sell the products, all designed to meet your needs.


The Guarantee...

Strong, stable, guaranteed. Have a problem with a Concepts Product? Call us - or return for replacement, repair, or exchange.* Besides making Concepts Earrings truly non-irritating to Sensitive Ears, we use up to 10 times more gold on gold-tone styles than most other plated and vermeil lines. This fine jewelry finish of Concepts Earrings lasts for decades, where as the finish on other products can change within months, especially with women who have high acidic skin, which is often the case with sensitive women.** If your customer is not 100% completely satisfied with your Concepts earring we will repair, replace or refund your purchase price plus all shipping costs incurred. Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee Since 1973! Now in the second generation, we offer the best customer support, the best products, all with a Southern Hospitality that can't be beat!










*Items are sent back out in the packaging they are returned in, or in no packaging. (No Box, or Pad.) If an item is not available for repair or replacement, we will issue a credit. If you want to exchange an item that is not defective, there is a small restock fee to help cover the cost of the repackaging.


**Concepts Earrings for Sensitive Ears are made of Surgical Stainless Steel and 24Kt Gold Electroplated directly to the surgical stainless steel. Concepts 14Kt Gold earrings are made of nickel free 14Kt Gold. Concepts sterling silver pendants are made of nickel free sterling silver. Concepts necklaces used on the sterling silver pendants are Italian made, sterling silver.


for Jewelers!

for Jewelers!


Concepts Earrings & Pendants are Proudly Made in the USA. Family Owned & Operated Since 1973

Concept Marketing, Inc.
1000 Arendell St.
Morehead City, NC 28557 USA

Phone: 1-800-926-3277 Fax: 1-800-247-7290