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Dermatologist Recommended


Lifetime Guarantee! Made in the USA!!!


The entire earring is made allergy free.


Concepts Earrings are made of surgical stainless steel, 24 Karat Gold, Nickel free 14 Kt Gold & Nickel free sterling silver. Concepts necklaces & pendants are made of nickel free sterling silver.


Pieces are joined together through a special electronic welding where no solder or other irritants are needed.


Concepts are traditionally lighter in weight that cast earrings.


Concepts are made so that all parts that touch the ear are safe for Sensitive Ears. Not just Doctor or Dermatologist Tested, Concepts are Dermatologist Tested, Recommended, and Proven to not cause allergic reactions. Both fronts and posts are complete pure surgical stainless steel. Dangles and beads are either steel, or tested plastics, which will not cause irritations.


Concepts Goldtone styles (Y) are made of surgical stainless steel, then a very heavy layer of 24kt gold is electronically  plated directly onto the steel. An average of 10 times more gold  than most other plated jewelry lines available. This is to achieve their fine jewelry finish. The finish of Concepts Earrings lasts for decades, where as the finish on other products can change within months, especially with women who have high acidic skin, which is often the case with sensitive women.


Concepts' Surgical steel is a very durable, yet hard metal, which makes it perfect for post, but more difficult and costly for use in the manufacturing of the front or dangle parts of earrings because the steel wears out the tooling. Often earrings will have "surgical posts", however the fronts and dangles are not surgical, and cause irritations to sensitive women.


Why do other earrings cause irritations? Base metal fashion earrings are often nickel plated prior to plating with gold. This layer of nickel allows the gold to hold onto the base metal. On some nickel free earrings, while the casting of the front is nickel free, and the posts are often "nickel free cast" or surgical steel, the method used in the joining of the fronts and the backs can cause irritations. With Concepts, we make sure that all parts that touch the ears are completely allergy free. 14 Kt gold is 14 parts gold, and 10 parts alloys. (18 Kt is 18 parts gold, 6 parts alloys.) Nickel is a common alloy, making the gold harder and brighter. Often solders and gold used for joining earrings contain nickel or other irritants.

Concepts Earrings & Pendants are Proudly Made in the USA. Family Owned & Operated Since 1973

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